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        What problems should we pay attention to in the import and export of machine tool industry?

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/8/21 9:13:29 Hits:2213
          Adjust and optimize the structure of export products, China's export of machine tools, labor-intensive products and low value-added products occupy a large proportion. In recent years, the structure of export products has improved, and the technical content of export products has improved. Overall, however, the gap is still large and needs constant adjustment and optimization.
          First of all, to adapt to the international market demand, adjust the structure of export products. After the international financial crisis, many countries have adopted a series of measures, the international market demand structure changes, the relevant export enterprises to adapt to this change, according to user needs, timely adjustment of product structure, good service.
          Secondly, with the domestic enterprises to change the mode of development, adjust the progress of product mix, timely optimization of export product mix, improve the technical content of export products. Continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade, improve product barrier. Once again, gradually reduce the "two high and one capital" products exports, such as machine tools, bed, casting blank, forgings, steel structures and so on. In the face of a large number of imports, to seize the opportunity, improve the ability of independent innovation, machine tool imports every year of rapid growth, has brought tremendous pressure to the domestic machine tool industry, the domestic enterprises should seize the opportunity, meet the challenge and improve the ability of independent innovation.
          Relevant enterprises should, on the one hand, make full use of the policies of the state to encourage imports, introduce advanced technologies and equipment needed, and key components used in supporting products. At the same time, attention should be paid to the digestion, absorption and re innovation of imported technology. Independent innovation does not mean that everything should be developed from scratch. With economic globalization and the rapid development of science and technology today, no country can develop technology independently in all fields and make independent innovations behind closed doors.
          In this sense, it is very important to attach importance to the digestion, absorption and re innovation of imported technology. By importing advanced technology equipment, analysis and research, in the process of digestion and absorption, synchronous to improvement and innovation, and gradually formed its own intellectual property rights, improve the ability of independent innovation, shears new products with independent intellectual property rights research and development, and strive to improve the competitiveness.
          The export trade should try to avoid the exchange rate, and the appreciation of the RMB continuously, which has caused great difficulties to the export enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to find an effective way to avoid the exchange rate risk. Since the announcement by the people's Bank of China and other departments on the issue of pilot projects to expand RMB settlement of cross-border trade, positive effects have been produced.
          "Go out", to increase the internationalization efforts in recent years, some China machine industry enterprises, carry out international operations achieved results, some are gradually establish a global sales and service outlets, to further expand exports and create a very good condition. On the basis of summing up experience, continue to encourage more machine tool enterprises will carry out investment, or joint ventures with local enterprises, cooperation, or selectively mergers and acquisitions abroad with advanced manufacturing technology enterprises, create conditions to gradually advanced technology will be transplanted into the domestic production of the product, in order to to promote the product structure adjustment and upgrading of the Chinese machine tool enterprise.
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